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Бесплатный период в Overwatch пройдет с 20 по 27 ноября. В это время владельцы PlayStation 4 с подпиской PlayStation Plus, владельцы Xbox One с золотым статусом Xbox Live Gold и пользователи PC с ОС Windows и учетной записью Blizzard смогут загрузить Overwatch и играть совершенно бесплатно —...
The Powerpuff Girls Movie - Nostalgia Critic

Ahhh Nostalgia ))) I didn't saw the movie, but I remember the series. At that time I was in 5th grade. We had a CN on cable... and it was one of the few english channels in Russia back then. On CN, the rotation was limited, the series often repeated. With each re-viewing I learned more words, then began to understand...

Rocky IV - Nostalgia Critic

Few classic stereotypes of the time. Evil empire are defeated again.

I must admit they chose a good actor for the role of Drago. Dolph Lungren looks like latvian ... or maybe karelian. I have a comrade who looks the same as him, only overweight and half the size))

Joe Rogan / Volodemort Putin

Володька блеадь

5:05 Mike go a little bit too far. I disagree with that bold statement, but I agree with the rest.